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About that mini eraser addiction..

It seems like all the kindergarten teachers online are newly obsessed with mini erasers. And what’s not to like? They’re cute, inexpensive and can be used in so many different ways… 

Aren’t they adorable??

I love collecting for the different seasons… I already am pretty seasonal in my classroom and so at the start of each month/season, I change out my seasonal bookshelf, the decor in the classroom library, and the mini erasers that go in the different centers. 

Overpriced on eBay but totally worth it!

How do I use them? Let’s count the ways…

  1. Practice counting.
  2. As game markers. 
  3. Spin and cover games. 
  4. Roll and cover games. 
  5. Addition. 
  6. Subtraction. 
  7. Graphing. 
  8. Sorting. 
  9. Building numbers. 
  10. Building sight words. 
  11. Measurement (more on that later). 

Also overpriced on eBay but I had to get some unicorns for my unicorn obsessed girls!

A student playing a spin and add/subtract game.

I store my mini erasers in the 4″x6″ photo cases. When I buy them, I usually try to get 3-4 bags at a time so this holds them all perfectly. Aren’t these penguins cute?
Spring erasers, oh I love you so. 

Are you a mini eraser addict??

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Mystery Puzzles – CVC and CCVC words 

Oh I had so much fun making this center! It made me wish I was a student so I could play… being a detective, using foam tiles (a big hit in my classroom), and making words – recipe for fun!

My latest creation was another must do center… all the kids wanted to be at and stay at this center. I even found one little girl try to come back and do some more. 🙂

How does it work? Well, there are picture clues and the students have to figure out the initial sound/letter for each picture.

It comes with an alphabet chart, or what I refer to as a “cheat sheet”, so students who aren’t confident on their letters and sounds can still match the beginning letter.

Once the student has all the letters, they sound out the word and find the picture that matches. On the back of the picture, I wrote the word so they can check to see if they got it right!

I love these 4″x6″ photo cases for storing centers and everything in this one fits inside nicely. I color coordinated the cards and pictures so the kids have 6 different sets to choose from (and if something falls on the floor, it’s easily to find its home).

Everything put away in the 6 case storage box. This center comes with 36 cards – 28 CVC word cards and 8 CCVC cards for a bit of a challenge. I plan on making some CVCe word cards in the future… and I’m open to more ideas on what I can make after that!

Want your own? It’s up on my Teachers Pay Teachers store, click here to get it! BUT WAIT…

Slide23Check out my growing bundle… at a VERY low price. This bundle will eventually have CVC words, CVCe words and digraphs – the alphabet chart will be the same throughout the different products so children will get very comfortable with those initial sounds and will feel confident each time they do this center, even as it grows more challenging. Want it? Click here and grab your own!

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The best deal I’ve found this summer.

There’s something about printing in color that is just… wonderful. I print a lot in color: I find cute center activities, charts… I print out word wall cards, labels… the list keeps going. But ink is expensive. I did the math that in 2015 I spent over $300 on ink alone. And that’s even with some people donating ink to me. From January to June of this year, I had already spent $90. That’s too much money.

But just when I had resigned myself to always printing on draft mode/seeing streaks of color on pages, I learned about HP Instant Ink.

So I’d like to introduce you to my new baby:


I needed a new printer because my old one wasn’t instant ink ready. So I found this one for a good deal on Amazon (sometimes it can be more expensive, I paid $140) and it came with a $120 prepaid instant ink card = a year’s worth of ink!

IMG_5700Bay is pretty excited about it too. Obviously.

The way it works is this: you need an HP instant ink ready compatible printer. It needs to connect to the internet, to let HP know when you are running low on ink. When it senses that, it mails you ink cartridges. You pay a flat monthly fee that is dependent on how much paper you print.

ink plans

Now, a page is a page, it doesn’t matter if it’s color or black and white, if it’s a full photo or 2 words. Since I have a year’s worth of free ink, I went with the $9.99 plan. So far it looks like I might have maybe 50 pages or so that’ll roll over to the next month – I expected to print a lot for back to school. Maybe next summer I’ll chill and print less. Then I can change to a lower plan, at no cost.

Now does it sound like a great deal to you? Too good to be true? I know, right? Except it’s the real deal. You don’t pay any extra fees unless you go over your limit. Every time you get sent ink, you aren’t charged anything and they include a prepaid envelope to mail back your old cartridge for recycling.


I have been printing a ton ever since I got my printer, and in full glorious color! Look how pretty that looks, no draft mode for me anymore! It’s a wonderful thing.

Interested in signing up? First check to see if your printer is compatible – I think it can be a good deal to just get a new printer. I did and I can definitely say it’s worth it for me.

instant ink printers

Then visit this link to sign up. At the end, it will ask you for a referral code. Make sure you don’t miss that box because I’m about to give you 2 codes to get you 7 extra free months of ink. I know, awesome! First, enter code 6freeink to get 6 extra months. Then you can enter another referral code, if you use the code gnpgC, we will both get an extra free month.

Then you can be printing everything to your heart’s desire. I know I have been! And then I remember I have to laminate and cut everything and it’s a bit overwhelming. But totally worth it.

Let me know if you have any questions, I’d love to help out!