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Spring counting cards

Within the last few weeks I’ve really tried to change up my math centers – I noticed that my kids gravitated to the ones that aren’t paper & pencil or using dry erase crayons. In fact, those centers usually end up empty. Why am I using centers they won’t use… why can’t I make some they’ll love?

So… I made some! 

These are counting cards, with a twist. Students pick a card, count the number of objects and then put the tile down to match in the first square. But wait, there’s more! Then they need to practice counting on…

6 flowers, after 6 comes 7 and then… 8!

This student figured it out pretty easily. 

Yes, I could’ve used dry erase markers/crayons on these but I thought foam tiles would be a fun change… and they were. I got some foam sheets, cut them in 1″ squares and wrote numbers on them with sharpie. Easy and the kids loved it. Foam made it super quiet and the numbers were color coded so every once in a while I’d hear someone ask, “what color is number 3?” Super cute. 

It makes my teacher heart happy to say this center was a success! Every student wanted to go to it and they were happily working the entire time. I printed 8 cards in each box (Iris photo cases, I love these!) so everything they needed was all in one place and easy to tidy up. 

Need to differentiate? There are 2 sets of cards and instructions… for students that aren’t ready to count on, they can just count and put the number. Write the number on the back to make it independent and self-correcting. I will probably have these ready to go in the fall. 

Want your own? Click here to get them! I’m thinking about adding more cards so this is a great price!

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Interactive Math Notebooks – no cut, no prep!

A few years ago I started using interactive math notebooks with my kids. I love them, and I especially love showing them off to parents – they love seeing all their work together in one place, and watching their progress and growth.

But. At the beginning of the year I typically have a few students that have a hard time cutting, if they’ve ever even held scissors before. They get way too glue-happy. They spend 20 minutes working on something that shouldn’t even take 10. My aide would spend a lot of time cutting things out/prepping and that frustrated me (and probably her too, I bet!). I needed no cut/no prep interactive notebooks.


So… I made some. I really had fun with this one, thinking of all the different activities I wanted my kinders to practice at the beginning of the year. Most of it, for me, is getting them into the routine of math notebooks. I figure, the more complicated stuff can come later.


I felt like the basics were important – numbers to 10, counting and writing. Coloring is important, for so many reasons! I also included shapes, graphing, color words, tens frames, dominoes… the list goes on. This could even be used for the beginning of first grade, as a quick review.


I kept the pages pretty simple so they’re not distracting… But they’re still cute and functional.


And they fit nicely in a standard composition notebook. Easy as pie. My aide doesn’t have to spend ages prepping and I don’t have to stress about students cutting and gluing. Phew.

And this package is currently quite the steal! It’s available for 25% off until tonight only. $3 for over 3 weeks of activities… wow! Check it out by clicking on the picture below!


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teaching pineapples

Hi, I’m Ari.


I’m originally from Texas but I moved to Oregon almost 2 years ago. Best decision ever.

I’m a teacher, if I didn’t already give it away. This will be my 12th year teaching, and my 9th year of teaching kindergarten. Whoa.

So this blog came about because I got a little creative this summer. I made something that I put up on some Facebook groups and eventually Teachers Pay Teachers. It inspired me to make a few more things. And I wanted a place to kind of explain my thinking, maybe get more ideas to go with them. And I wanted to make more teacher friends around the world, get inspired by them. Form my teacher tribe, if you will.

But first I had to come up with a name. I’ve never been good with names. I always claim that all the good ones are taken. Then, late at night, I remembered something that had stuck out at me:


I love the idea, of being a pineapple. Standing tall, wearing that crown, being sweet on the inside (and maybe a little feisty on the outside). I’ve seen some versions that say to have a tough skin too, which is definitely something I need to work on. So I was inspired by pineapples. The teaching thing, well that’s obvious. I have to teach my students to become pineapples too.

So thats my story. This will become my teaching blog, most likely to post about things I come up with and possibly post in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. After all, I paid the $59.99 for a premium seller membership – at that price, I need to get my money’s worth and make more stuff! Now if only I can find some inspiration and creativity again…