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STEM in Kindergarten… can you help??

The buzz word recently in teaching has been STEM, and for good reason – it’s a smart idea to get students interested in these fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) because they’re everywhere! It gets students thinking of different ways to solve problems, collaborating with others and more! 
My school does a STEM day 5 times a year – a few hours where students go to a different classroom and attempt to build something new (a castle, boat, etc) using a variety of materials. However it’s hard for kindergarteners to learn to work WITH a group of kids, make something together… and to understand that sometimes what you build doesn’t work the first time AND THAT’S OK! Some of my kids struggled last year and I wished they had more STEM exposure. 

And then I found these STEM bins and got super excited! What a fun idea. I can set up bins with different materials and let them explore or give them all an object to attempt to make. I was thinking once a week we could have STEM Centers and I’d bring out the bins and let the creation begin. They would love it!

However… materials cost money. And yes, there are some cheap things I can and do plan on getting  – pipe cleaners, playdoh, cups, etc. But there are so many other fun materials too:

Don’t you want to play with it all?? That’s just a small portion of my wishlist, there’s so much I want to get!

The problem is it all costs money. I can’t afford to buy it all. So that’s why I’m asking for help. Could you possibly make a donation to help a kindergarten class in need?

There are 2 ways to help: 

  1. Visit my GoFundMe and donate to my project. Remember, ANY amount helps!
  2. Go to my Amazon wish list and pick an item (or more!) that you’d like to donate. This way is fun because you can pick out the materials you’d like the kids to receive! Add it to your cart and purchase to ship it directly to me!

I can’t wait to take pics and show you all the fun things my students will create with your help. So… please help?