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Math Toolkit Binders

Recently someone asked me if I would make binders to match my Math Toolkits. This person was using a curriculum that had a lot of regular sized paper mats for partner games and other activities – she wanted to hole punch them and put them in binders for her students to use. What a great idea!

So I made some, to match both my original toolkits and the ink saving versions!

With some spine labels too!

This is going to make passing out math supplies EVEN easier, and once a binder is created, it should be good to go for years to come.

Check them out at my TPT store by clicking on the image below:


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Organization in the classroom, part 1

I’ve mentioned quite a few times that I love being organized. For some reason it doesn’t translate to my home but in my classroom, there is a place for everything. Today I wanted to show what that looks like in my office area. 

I’m lucky enough to have an office area that is completely separate from my classroom. It’s very spacious, but when I first moved in that meant I had a lot of junk and clutter taking up space. Last spring I did some deep cleaning and now it looks much better. 

First up is my new teacher toolbox:

This is going to be great for me, my aide and any volunteers to my classroom. I got the box from Lowe’s and spray painted it; the labels are from Teach Create Motivate.

I have a bookshelf full of binders – KinderMath, monthly poetry units, monthly copies… I plan on going through them and using my new binder covers and spine labels to jazz up the ones that are rather plain. 

Here’s how I store my read alouds. The first 2 buckets are empty because they’re out on display in my room. I was fortunate to get the boxes from school. 

Here are my monthly centers. In each box are all the different activities my kids would do each month. Every year I add more activities (and take out old ones), especially since skill levels change from year to year. Having them all together for the month makes it easy for me to plan. 

And finally, here are my tubs for each month, which hold seasonal student books and decorations. Sometimes I have more than 1 tub for each month because I just have too many books!

So that’s my office area. I love having it organized, it really helps me find what I need quickly and feel comfortable in my space. 

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Kindergarten supply labels

I always say that kindergarten is a different world. It really is. Teachers in other grades either get it or they don’t but those that have taught kinder know… It’s unlike all the other grades. 

Even our school supply list is different – baby wipes, paper plates, napkins. We just need some different things. 

My grade level likes to do community supplies and at the beginning of the year, during kindergarten testing, parents drop off everything. We like to have the parents and kids sort things in tubs – makes our jobs easier, plus the kids love to help!

So I made labels for each bin. Having the picture with the text means little kids can help too.

Plus, now I can easily label extra supplies that are getting out on a shelf out of my reach… No more guessing where I put my extra cups!

There are 24 different labels with matching pictures… Check it out at my store by clicking on the image below. 

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Binder covers and spine labels

Organization makes me happy, and my office area is a place that needs to be organized. But cute is important too… well, for me it is anyway!

I have a ton of binders all over my office area, and I wanted to make them cute but also organized looking. So I made some binder covers:

Cute huh? There are 7 different covers and the text is editable, so it can say anything! You can also use them as dividers within a binder. 

But wait… I also made spine labels to match!

These spine labels are for 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ binders and again, the text can be edited. 

I’m so tickled by how great my office is going to look!

Click on the image below to see it in my store:

And these go great with the rest of my quirky bird themed products:

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Editable 3 drawer labels 

I love my 3 drawer Sterilite organizers. Love them. I have 3 of them but they’re kind of a mess:

As you can see, the labels are hard to read from a distance and all the clutter is visible. Not okay. So I came up with an adorable solution:

Isn’t that so much better? These are up on my TPT store and are editable – make the font say whatever you want! I also made it with 3 different color schemes: soft tones (as shown above), bright colors: 

How’s that for bright? 🙂

And ink saving black and white. Now the mess is hidden, everything is easy to find… and it looks super cute too!

Click on the image below to check them out in my store:

But wait! These go great with my other quirky birds items, click on the images below to check them out!