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Sweet Summer Measurement with mini erasers!

So I love mini erasers. LOVE them. The obsession is real. So now that I collect every mini eraser that exists for every month/season… I need a reason to use them, right? Especially these adorable summer PINEAPPLE themed erasers, and especially now that, thanks to a bunch of snow days, I’m teaching til mid-June for the first time ever.

IMG_2658So I did! I decided they could be used as measurement tools and I made some summer themed measuring cards to go with them! The red lines are so that the students can easily identify which way they’re supposed to measure and when they should STOP measuring! 🙂

IMG_2670I also made the cards in black and white so they can be easily printed on color cardstock, for those that don’t want to/can’t print in color (though seriously, HP instant ink is the best invention ever and I think every teacher should be using it!)

IMG_2659Weren’t able to find the erasers? Well, first of all I totally understand – my Target never got any and I had to do a lot of begging before kind, generous people send me some… but also… I made paper rulers to go with this. That way your class can still use those fun pineapples, popsicles and rainbows to measure. Oh and if you have other mini erasers, those could totally be used too.

IMG_2668Need a recording sheet? It comes with one! Personally, I plan on writing the answers on the back and letting students just check their work (because I don’t like dealing with so many worksheets) but if you want to hold students accountable, you can!

img_2661Just keep in mind that erasers come in all sizes so students may come up with different answers, based on the size of the erasers they’re using.

Slide21Want your own? It’s available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, or just click on the image above to get it!

Now I’m starting to think about other mini eraser measurement activities I could make… gotta put all those erasers to use!


One thought on “Sweet Summer Measurement with mini erasers!

  1. What a great idea! I never thought to use those mini-erasers for measurement! I love the printable cards and rulers you created for this activity! Very cute and fun!


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