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Officially back at work

Today is my first official contract day back at work… I’ve been at school off and on for the last few weeks but today begins the mandatory back to school meetings, stress and all the usual August/September chaos. It’s hard to say goodbye to summer – even tho the season is my least favorite, those 2 months of sleeping in, going to the gym when I want to (instead of at 6am again, yuck) and just generally doing my own thing was kind of wonderful. 

But instead of looking back on what I’m going to miss about summer, here’s a list of what I’m looking forward to:

  • A new batch of students… Granted, I get stressed out wondering what type of class I’m going to have and how hard it is in September but I love knowing that after a few months of molding, we’ll be in our routines again. 
  • New books… Can you ever have enough? New Scholastic catalogs were waiting for me and I can’t wait to hopefully start placing orders again. Shame I’ve been demoted down to a green apple teacher again tho. :p
  • New material… Over the summer I found a fun Social Studies curriculum I can’t wait to try out, plus KinderScience to support the curriculum my district provides. Plus I’m starting the year with KinderSurvival, which seems like it’s going to get my year off right!
  • Friends: I’ve missed my co-workers over the summer. I saw a few of the a time or too but it’s not the same and I look forward to getting to see them all on a regular basis. 
  • My new creations! I’m really excited to try my Math Toolkits with my kids, and my no prep interactive notebooks, plus the hundred chart puzzles. And then there’s all my quirky bird themed things too… I’ve never worked so hard and made so many things for my classroom that I’m so proud of… Hope my kids love them too. 
  • The weather. I love fall weather and hate summer heat… Plus fall is just generally my favorite season, teaching about it, reading books about it… Bring it on!

So there you go, I guess I’m ready for the school year after all. I hope it’s a great one! 


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