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Back in the classroom…

I don’t officially start work until the last week of August but I’ve been hard at work in my classroom this week, tackling this pile of boxes: 

Oh my. 

Boxes, boxes everywhere!

The first thing I set up is my library and it’s almost finished. I worked hard at the end of last year to relabel all my books with these adorable labels, so it was easy for me to come back and set everything out. Over the summer I was able to find another bookshelf to add to my library so I need to go through my tub of books and organize some more. 

I’m proud of this little nook of my classroom… That piece of furniture was being used as a microwave stand in my apartment. Now it holds my laptop, document camera, some DVDs and books, and my math toolkits fit perfectly underneath. Plus, doesn’t it look kind of nice and homey?

Last night I finished my teacher toolbox:

I’m excited to take it to work, I spray painted it and I love the color. The labels are by Teach Create Motivate and I think they’re fantastic, the fonts are so pretty . I think this is going to look great in my office area, and make me feel a bit more organized too!

That’s all, for now… I still have a lot of work to do… including adding my new Growth Mindset posters to my room:

Aren’t they adorable? I can’t wait to hang them up. Click on the pic to see more.

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