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Hundreds Chart Puzzles

This summer has been one where I’ve spent most of it working on stuff for next year. That’s not really typical for me, usually I try not to think about work all summer long. But I’m excited because I think this means I’ll really be ready for the upcoming school year. I hope so anyway! 

I’m so tickled by my latest product because it was something that I wanted to find early in the summer. Then one night it just came to me – make your own! And so I did. 🙂
One of the skills I try to work on with my students is writing their numbers to 100. It isn’t required, they only need to write to 20, but I try to challenge the ones that can and start preparing the rest for first grade. I have to admit though, I’m not great at practicing with my kids and at the end of last year I wondered if a Hundreds Chart puzzle would help. They could start seeing the patterns in the chart, recognizing the numbers… all important skills.

The bonus? It’s NOT yet another boring worksheet for them to fill out. It’ll be fun for them, most kids like doing puzzles, plus puzzles lead to good problem solving skills. And if I have them working with a partner, then that’s even better – they’ll have to learn to work WITH someone else. All important.

So, as goes the trend this summer, I made some. There are 13 puzzles in this download, perfect for back to school – the pictures include school supplies, fall and basic shapes. I made two copies of each puzzle, one in color and one in ink saving black and white – no need to choose what file to pick, everything is all together this time. Print on cardstock (I would print the black and white pages on colored cardstock), laminate and cut out.

You can make them as hard or as easy as you want, focusing on certain numbers or patterns. I love that I’ll be able to differentiate for those students that are brand new at puzzles and the ones that are pros.

If you’re interested in purchasing my Hundreds Chart Puzzles, they’re currently on sale, thanks to the Best Year Ever sale. Click below and don’t forget to add the code bestyear to save even more on your purchase!




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