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Reading and Math Toolkit bundles

Yesterday I talked about math toolkits, which is where/why my Teachers Pay Teachers store began. They are easily my most popular item in the store. After I had posted them, I had a request to make a matching set of reading toolkit covers: this person planned on using the 16 kit and splitting it in half, 8 for reading, 8 for math. What a great idea!

So… I did!


Now, this kit just contains covers, which is why the price is so low. The idea is that you would label the containers with them and add your own materials. I’ve heard of adding magnetic letters, magnifying glasses, pointers for tracking print, reading strategy cards/bookmarks…

IMG_6029And then everything gets tucked away all nice and neat. 

I can definitely see myself having a set of 6 (you can buy the containers individually at Michaels or Amazon) on my guided reading cart for small group time. It would definitely make passing out materials a lot easier.

You can get my Reading Toolkit covers by clicking on the image below…


Or you can save money and get the bundle of math and reading toolkits combined here:



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