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Where it all started… math toolkits!

It all started because I saw these online:13692663_10154854378975400_3503101806531971359_n

They’re called Iris photo and craft keepers, it’s a kit that has 16 4×6″ boxes (meant to hold photos). I thought they were cute and wanted a reason to buy them. And then I had it: math toolkits!

Last year the curriculum I used for math had me passing out materials to my kids every day. The same things: first five frames, which eventually turned into ten frames. Plus 10 snap cubes each. Some days we used dry erase crayons (I am the only person in the teaching world that prefers the crayons but that’s okay). It all took a long time to pass out to kindergartners: they would want to pick out their favorite color, get upset that they couldn’t have their favorite color… take one, pass it down is hard for 5 and 6 year olds. Between getting everything handed out and putting everything away, this easily ate up 10 minutes of my math time.

That’s where my math toolkits came in. I like having my students work in partners so each pair of students will share a box. In the box they will have:

13659178_10154854376265400_5379337356896112695_nSnap cubes, tens frames, number lines, popsicle sticks (practicing tally marks), dry erase crayon and eraser (the round facial scrubber), dice and base ten blocks (really paper cut outs I found).

Now will everything be in the box all the time? No. In fact, I prepped my boxes for the beginning of the year and all they have are five frames, ten frames and snap cubes. Things will go in and out of the boxes as the year goes by. But it’s nice to know it all fits nice and neat:


I envision starting the year off with a few materials and teaching them how to care for their boxes. I labeled everything in their kit with their kit # on the back so that we know where things go if they are accidentally left out. Since I teach math right after lunch (and we eat in the classroom), I can even picture my helpers passing the math toolkits on the carpet squares while we’re tidying up.

13709752_10154854376115400_1169871015173687160_nIt also helps that they are just adorable. Okay, I’m a bit proud of myself. 🙂

IMG_6030Easily stowable. A place for everything, of course.

If you’re interested, or want to see more, check it out on Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking on the image below.

Or I also have an ink saver version here:


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