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Interactive Math Notebooks – no cut, no prep!

A few years ago I started using interactive math notebooks with my kids. I love them, and I especially love showing them off to parents – they love seeing all their work together in one place, and watching their progress and growth.

But. At the beginning of the year I typically have a few students that have a hard time cutting, if they’ve ever even held scissors before. They get way too glue-happy. They spend 20 minutes working on something that shouldn’t even take 10. My aide would spend a lot of time cutting things out/prepping and that frustrated me (and probably her too, I bet!). I needed no cut/no prep interactive notebooks.


So… I made some. I really had fun with this one, thinking of all the different activities I wanted my kinders to practice at the beginning of the year. Most of it, for me, is getting them into the routine of math notebooks. I figure, the more complicated stuff can come later.


I felt like the basics were important – numbers to 10, counting and writing. Coloring is important, for so many reasons! I also included shapes, graphing, color words, tens frames, dominoes… the list goes on. This could even be used for the beginning of first grade, as a quick review.


I kept the pages pretty simple so they’re not distracting… But they’re still cute and functional.


And they fit nicely in a standard composition notebook. Easy as pie. My aide doesn’t have to spend ages prepping and I don’t have to stress about students cutting and gluing. Phew.

And this package is currently quite the steal! It’s available for 25% off until tonight only. $3 for over 3 weeks of activities… wow! Check it out by clicking on the picture below!



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