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teaching pineapples

Hi, I’m Ari.


I’m originally from Texas but I moved to Oregon almost 2 years ago. Best decision ever.

I’m a teacher, if I didn’t already give it away. This will be my 12th year teaching, and my 9th year of teaching kindergarten. Whoa.

So this blog came about because I got a little creative this summer. I made something that I put up on some Facebook groups and eventually Teachers Pay Teachers. It inspired me to make a few more things. And I wanted a place to kind of explain my thinking, maybe get more ideas to go with them. And I wanted to make more teacher friends around the world, get inspired by them. Form my teacher tribe, if you will.

But first I had to come up with a name. I’ve never been good with names. I always claim that all the good ones are taken. Then, late at night, I remembered something that had stuck out at me:


I love the idea, of being a pineapple. Standing tall, wearing that crown, being sweet on the inside (and maybe a little feisty on the outside). I’ve seen some versions that say to have a tough skin too, which is definitely something I need to work on. So I was inspired by pineapples. The teaching thing, well that’s obvious. I have to teach my students to become pineapples too.

So thats my story. This will become my teaching blog, most likely to post about things I come up with and possibly post in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. After all, I paid the $59.99 for a premium seller membership – at that price, I need to get my money’s worth and make more stuff! Now if only I can find some inspiration and creativity again…



One thought on “teaching pineapples

  1. Yeah the transparency worked! I can’t wait to see what else you create for sure. I’ll be patiently waiting to see what kind of things my intermediate self can use. I already downloaded your volunteer sheet though!


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